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Virgin + SongDivision



Virgin, a global leader in the Travel & Leisure, Telecoms & Media, Music & Entertainment, Financial Services, and Health & Wellness industries, approached SongDivision with the challenge of ‘personalizing’ a meet-and-greet between Sir Richard Branson and 1,200 Virgin employees, along with the caveat that we would only have a 15 minute window at the event in which to accomplish it.

Our solution for this unique challenge was a Custom Song inspired by Virgin’s core values and written from the hearts and minds of employees. In the weeks leading up to the event, Virgin team members were asked to craft meaningful poems about the company and their iconic leader. Our world-class songwriters then compiled the poems into a song fitting of the Virgin brand. As an added bonus, anyone whose lyrics were used in the song would be given the full rockstar treatment, appearing on-stage with Sir Richard Branson himself during our live performance in front of all 1,200 employees. Ahead of the event, the song was professionally recorded by our renowned musicians and distributed to Virgin team members (everyone, but the boss that is) to familiarize them with the lyrics and generate crowd participation during the performance.

The song was a huge hit for all in attendance and set the stage for Sir Richard Branson, who fed off the energy of the crowd and the music. From his entrance, to his epic crowd-surf during the show, he was able to use music to create a more personal, and extremely memorable connection with his team.


“A great company connecting employees and customers using the power of music.” Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Create memorable events using music.