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Mary Kay + SongDivision



Mary Kay is a global provider of beauty products built on the promise of empowering women and helping others. For its Global Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Mary Kay sought out SongDivision to unite over 8,000 of its Beauty Consultants around its brand purpose. Over the course of two general session openers, SongDivision delivered two custom songs to celebrate Mary Kay’s sales spirit, highlight new products, and reinforce the brand. The final performance of each of these songs brought attendees to their feet, singing along in unison and bonding over the Mary Kay brand. The musical experience resulted in the kind of powerful team building Mary Kay was seeking, and everyone from leadership to event planners praised the experience as truly memorable.


“We loved having SongDivision at our leadership event. They were extraordinarily easy to work with and had our entire sales force singing, and not just during the performance. Our team kept singing the song throughout our entire event!” Mary Kay

Unite your teams with an interactive conference opener using music.