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This month, SongDivision Founder & CEO, Andy Sharpe, sat down with Event Marketer to discuss the employee experience as companies grapple with hybrid work environments. Key to the discussion were five tips from SongDivision on ways of keeping employees engaged whether they are working in-person or remotely. As a global company operating in four regions, SongDivision knows all too well the challenges of maintaining engagement in virtual, in-person, and hybrid environments, and Shape’s advice speaks from experience:

Tip #1 Managers must take the lead

Tip #2 Ice breakers are key

Tip #3 Make it creative and meaningful

Tip #4 Focus on your purpose

Tip #5 It’s OK to test comfort zones

Read the full interview at EventMarketer.com

SongDivision’s Culture Club is a learning and development platform aimed at strengthening company culture by transforming the mindsets of key influencers within your organisation. The first series to launch is the Leadership Track focused on the development of dynamic, inspirational leaders.

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