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A Global Oil & Petroleum Company + SongDivision



Recently, a global oil & petroleum company reached out to SongDivision seeking an interactive team building experience to unite over 120 team members at its annual conference in Atlanta. The company needed an engaging and memorable way to internally communicate who they are and what they’re all about. Most importantly, they wanted attendees to understand that people are at the heart of their brand, as opposed to products.

SongDivision proposed our Team Anthem program allowing attendees to collectively express their understanding of the brand through the creation of an original song — and, as always, no musical experience was required. Conference attendees engaged in discussions with our lead facilitator surrounding key messaging and translated their comments into lyrics and music. Our world-class musicians, regulars on Nashville’s famous Music Row and with acts such as Trans-Siberian Orchestra, then distilled the team’s comments into a complete song. When it was time to perform, attendees jumped at the opportunity to get on stage with authentic rock stars! Those on stage sung their hearts out to their new anthem, while a crowd of peers equally joined in from the audience!

The energy was through the roof, and attendees left with a clear sense of purpose and a tune in their heads to remind them always of who they are.


“One of the best sessions I have ever attended. It demonstrated what people can create if the environment is there!” Event Attendee


“This was the highlight of the meeting for me. I felt energized, proud, and inspired to be a part of this team!” Event Attendee


“This session was a home run. It absolutely blew all other sessions and speakers out of the water!” Event Attendee

Unite your teams with an unforgettable Team Anthem experience!