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Rolls-Royce + SongDivision



Rolls-Royce is dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, safe and competitive solutions to meet our planet’s vital power needs. Their teams tirelessly devote time and energy into being the very best at what they do and producing some of the world’s leading innovations, which is why when it comes to celebrating their high-achievers at their annual Excellence Awards, you can bet that Rolls-Royce goes big! For this year’s Awards, the team at Rolls-Royce sought a way to entertain over 200 attendees throughout the course of the evening while also uniting them around core messaging.

SongDivision was asked to deliver our renowned Rockin’ Reception program combining several of our most popular services to deliver an amazing interactive songwriting experience and an unforgettable show. The celebration began with InstaHit performances as guests arrived at the famed Landmark Hotel in London. While cocktails were being served, our musicians, who have performed with top artists like Florence & the Machine, made their way around the room asking guests a handful of questions before writing them custom songs in less than 3 minutes!

Guests then made their way into the dining room where our Gala Awards & Party Band provided a live soundtrack for presenters and awards recipients as they made their way on- and off-stage. Next came the interactive songwriting component allowing guests to express the Rolls-Royce purpose in their own words. Over 10 minutes, our lead MC & Facilitator for the UK & Europe, Sam McNeill, walked attendees through the process of writing lyrics. While guests enjoyed their meals and a few more beverages, our band worked behind-the-scenes to compose an original Anthem using lyrics and song ideas provided by attendees.

Following dinner, it was time for guests to hear the song they had helped write. Within seconds of the opening ‘Whoa, oh oh oh…’, the entire audience was on their feet singing along and taking part in the performance! The room was full of smiling faces and excitement as everyone recognized the work they had achieved together. When it was time to hit the dance floor, our Party Band was ready with a high-energy setlist of hits from the past 4 decades. Guests danced deep into the night, and when it was finally time to go, many remarked that it was the best awards celebrations they had ever attended!


“What you guys do is honestly amazing and you make it all look so easy! On behalf of our client, Rolls-Royce, you understood the message of our event and executed it all so perfectly on the night. The anthem was a particular highlight and you made every single person in the room feel valued and proud to be there. I cannot thank you all enough!” NYS Meetings & Events

Amplify your awards celebration with a Rockin’ Reception!