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Autodesk + Culture Club & Entertainment



Autodesk can ‘Make Anything’. As they put it, “we make software for people who make things.” However, what they’re really saying is that they take incredibly complex software challenges and produce simple, usable solutions. This is no easy task, and neither is communicating the intricacies of this messaging in a concise, energizing package. Which is why, for their annual gala in Singapore, Autodesk sought out SongDivision to help communicate their core values to employees and build company pride using music.

To accomplish the task, SongDivision facilitated our Culture Club program, whereby a select group of Autodesk employees spent the better half of a day with our own Christo Alexander, who has performed with leading pop and rock stars worldwide. Through a collaborative songwriting process, the group composed and recorded a song that perfectly captures the spirit of Autodesk and inspires the kind of creativity and passion they seek in every employee – and they had an absolute blast in the process!

With the song complete, Christo then readied the group for the stage to share their message with an audience of over 100 team members and leaders at the Autodesk gala. Their performance stole the show and had everyone on their feet in celebration. Christo and the SongDivision Gala Awards & Party Band then closed out the night with an over-the-top music set that filled the dance floor and got everyone singing. Autodesk raved about the event as attendees left feeling inspired and ready to take on the task of making the most complex challenges simple for their clients.

Communicate your messaging simply and beautifully, with music.