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Maritz Global Events + SongDivision



Maritz Global Events believes passionately in the power of face-to-face interaction. They understand all too well that creating a shared corporate culture relies on real, ‘human’ engagement, and they are dedicated to ‘unleashing human potential’ for their clients and themselves each and every day. Which is why, for Collaborative 2018 in Austin, Texas, Maritz turned to SongDivision to bring over 700 of their team members, suppliers and partners together using the science of music.

To deliver on these expectations, we put together a multi-day interactive music experience consisting of an opening session Team Anthem with closing session performance, as well as numerous entertainment engagements including our much-loved InstaHits, Rock & Roll Game Show, and Gala Awards & Party Band performances.

For the interactive songwriting session, attendees went for a Reggae theme, which kept everyone smiling and having a ball throughout the lyric writing process. Maritz team members came together along with suppliers and partners in creative conversation, searching for just the right lyrics to represent the purpose of the event. Equally powerful were the many entertainment engagements throughout the event, enabling attendees to further interact and and create bonds.

The result was pure gold as attendees connected meaningfully through music, many echoing the words of their newly created anthem throughout the event and beyond

Together, we truly “rocked Collab with Maritz pride!”



“SongDivision was fantastic and truly impressed everyone with the opening session and then again at the close. Thanks for all the creativity and passion for our event and our people. It was all about Maritz pride!” Maritz Global Events

Unite your people using the science of music.