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Team building that actually works

“SongDivision will change your meeting like you’ve never seen before. It was an amazing experience from start to end.” – Rich Burns, AstraZeneca Head of Sales

Team Building That Actually Works

Have you ever planned or participated in a team building activity that just felt awkward or forced? It’s clear that no one is there voluntarily. The discomfort is palpable as the attendees slowly sink into their chairs, amidst forced laughter and awkward glances. The facilitator is trying to make up for the lack of participation by acting overly excited. And when it’s over, everyone is glad that they don’t have to do that again until the next annual retreat.

This traditional model of “team building” just isn’t working. It’s not creating the impact it was intended to, and it often turns people off to the idea of team building altogether. 

So what’s the solution?
The answer is simple: consistency and engagement

The future of successful team building relies on an integrated, ongoing approach that continuously nurtures team culture. Regularly occurring team building experiences give your team members safe and consistent opportunities to learn how to trust each other, lean into each other’s strengths, and share feedback constructively. So by the time a real problem comes up at work, your team will know how to work through it together instead of panicking. 

This is why we partnered with organization neuroscience experts Synaptic Potential to create our Team Harmony L&D program. It consists of six sessions that build on top of each other so that you can easily implement a consistent and regular team building program. And, of course, it’s so fun and engaging that your team will actually want to participate and absorb what they learn. 

You already know the value of investing in your people and creating and nurturing team cohesion. What we provide is the HOW. 

Team Harmony is the ultimate fusion of elevated team building & practical L&D!

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