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Coca-Cola + SongDivision



The aim of iconic beverage manufacturer, Coca-Cola, is to refresh the world and inspire moments of optimism and happiness. Recently, approximately 80 members of their Western European finance team came together in Barcelona to reconnect on their current strategy and unite around the company purpose. It had been nearly two and a half years since this particular team had met, and Coca-Cola sought a unique and energetic means to inspire interaction and team unity.

SongDivision proposed our Team Anthem to motivate attendees, encourage collaboration, and enable the collective celebration of company values. Over the course of the event our premier musicians, who have performed with artists such as The Killers, Florence & the Machine, and more, guided the group in the creation of original lyrics and music to represent their collective vision for the team. Then, with the band backing them, the Coca-Cola team came together to perform their new hit in an all-out team celebration!

Attendees had a blast expressing themselves and the company’s values through music. The event was an absolute success for Coca-Cola as the anthem far exceeded the level of energy and interaction they were after!

Create engaging team building programs with a Team Anthem.