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What is it about team building that gets our palms sweating and hearts racing? When you stop to think about it, it is a strange scenario in which to find oneself — thrown together with co-workers and asked to take part in experiences that require a deep level of trust, and even friendship. For many, this can be quite intimidating and stressful. After all, this is different from the relationships you maintain with most peers in your daily office environment. We get it.

But there’s no need to worry. SongDivision was built on addressing this very challenge, and it’s why music is at the heart of every experience we provide. When you put yourself out there, just a little bit, in a safe, fun environment, with the right guide — and especially with music — team building can be a highly engaging, and downright magical, experience.

Don’t just take our (written) word for it. We thought we’d let you know in the best way we know how — a song we wrote just for you!

Most team building centers on the idea that a single, powerful experience can change the way your team functions long-term. And for the vast majority, this is an unrealistic expectation. Unless the experience puts attendees at ease, stimulates multiple senses, inspires collaboration, and reaches us emotionally, chances are we aren’t going to retain much of it.

This is where SongDivision’s team building programs have been so effective — music is a universal language that when experienced together has been scientifically proven to increase happiness, stimulate memory, and spur social connection.

Over 16 years, SongDivision has fine-tuned our music-driven Team Building experiences for the meetings and events industry to achieve the meaningful and lasting results our clients are after. Our custom programs place your teams in a positive and highly creative environment, enabling them to write and perform original songs with the support of world-class musicians who have worked with artists like Prince, David Bowie, Drake, Florence & the Machine and more.

No musical experience is ever required for our programs, and we never single out attendees or put them on the spot. Everything we do is about empowering your people, inspiring collaboration, and uniting teams around their purpose.

There’s no need to be nervous. You’ve got SongDivision and the power of music at your back!

Let’s build strong teams together.
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