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When it comes to sales kickoffs, it’s all about attitude. To inspire confidence among your teams and keep spirits high, the energy level of your conference has to build throughout, and the music you’re playing matters more than ever. To get your teams ready to hit the ground running in 2020, we’ve put together 4 essential playlists for your upcoming kickoff meetings.

Morning Meeting Wake-Up
Just like coffee for your ears. Get those early mornings off to a great start with an array of familiar, feel-good tunes that warm up attendees’ ears and get them ready for a day of powerful meetings.

Walk-Ons/Offs for General Sessions
Step up the energy with an array of hit songs guaranteed to pump up your audience and play your presenters on stage in style. Be sure to check out IntroHits — custom walk-up songs written by SongDivision to highlight the personalities of your key presenters.

Cocktail Party – Modern Upbeat
Keep the momentum going with up-tempo songs that will give your attendees the early-evening boost they need to network and keep the conversation going.

Dance Party – Hits from All Decades
Fill the dance floor well into the evening with a selection of hits from across the decades that everyone will know and love.

Essential Sales Kickoff Playlists_Dance Party Hits-All Decades

Want live music instead? We couldn’t agree more. SongDivision can support your event with live interactive musical experiences such as our General Session Band, Keynote program, or Team Anthem. We also offer an array of musical entertainment services such as InstaHits and our Gala Awards & Party Band to keep the energy going well into the evening.

Create an interactive musical experience for your kickoffs.

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