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Summer is here, and the music festival season is in full swing, so why not use it to your advantage?

We get it, this time of year can be pretty hectic for company events when it comes to coordinating out-of-office calendars and holding everyone’s attention. Luckily, there’s an easy solution — music.

Today’s biggest brands are all-in when it comes to music, whether through sponsorships, artist affiliations, or even hosting their own festivals (e.g. Zappos ‘Life Is Beautiful’). The reason, over 32 Million people in the US [source: Nielsen] and 31 Million in the UK and Europe [source: Independent] attend music festivals annually — many of whom are your employees. Music is in the air, and you can use this same energy to create amazing events that unite your teams — we’ll show you how!

Amplify your Summer events with interactive Team Building programs using music, or bring in world-class musicians to provide unforgettable Corporate Entertainment.


Turn festival season into team building season.
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