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Winter is here for the Southern Hemisphere, and your conferences and events need music more than ever!

We get it, Winter can be a difficult time to motivate your teams and keep them engaged. 33% of working Australians admit to feeling less motivated at work during the Winter season, and nearly 30% feel less socially connected with their workplace colleagues [source: mccrindle]. So how do you combat these Winter blues and deliver highly effective conferences and events?

Simple, by using music! Experiencing music, especially in a live setting, releases dopamine in our bodies and is scientifically proven to make us feel happier [source: McGill University]. Furthermore, experiencing music in a group makes us feel more socially connected to those around us. Think of any great concert you’ve attended. Recall the feelings of pure joy and the connectedness you had to the fans around you. Now, picture that experience for your conference attendees.

SongDivision’s music-fueled Team Building and Conference Openers & Closers use this same science of music in conjunction with your core messaging to create deeply meaningful experiences that unite attendees, even in the dead of Winter. Heat up your Winter conferences and put a smile on your attendee’s faces with music, we’ll show you how.


Motivate your teams and create strong bonds with music this Winter.
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