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MPI is going big for GMID 2021 with a massive 12-hour virtual engagement to connect the Meetings & Events Industry worldwide! In addition to all of the amazing speakers and content, SongDivision will be writing and performing an original Summary Song — in real time —to highlight all of the memorable moments from the day. But we’re just getting heated up…

After the broadcast, it’s all about the GMID Afterparty featuring an exclusive 30-minute version of SongDivision’s award-winning virtual entertainment and interactive songwriting!

Join our world-class musicians — who have performed with everyone from Prince, to Cher, Katy Perry, Drake and more — as we take you through a high-energy musical variety session filled with trivia, entertainment and plenty of laughs. Throughout the session, you’ll also collaborate with SongDivision and fellow GMID’ers to create an original hit song (because that’s what SongDivision does best!), which is later professionally recorded and sent to you to share with your fans!

All you’ll need is your computer, decent wifi, and a positive attitude. No musical experience or ability is required!

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