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The SongDivision team is safe and contributing to community recovery efforts after the Maui wildfires.

As many of us have seen in the media, Maui has been ravaged by wildfires over the past two weeks in Lahaina and Kula. Hundreds of people have been reported missing and our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by the disaster.

A number of the SongDivision team call Maui home, including Andy Sharpe (Founder and CEO), Marsha Sharpe (EVP of People, Culture, and Learning) and their daughter Coco, as well as Danie Ives (CFSO), and Jackie de Crinis (SongDivision’s life coach). We can report that they are all safe, and would like to thank everyone who reached out to the team during this time.

Maui now faces new challenges in the aftermath including a shortage of resources, limited access to clean drinking water, fewer functional schools, a lift in unemployment and insecure housing.

Marsha is a board member of two Maui-based organizations involved in recovery efforts. Maui Food Bank is supplying food those impacted by the fires and dealing with increased demand after lay-offs by affected businesses, while IMUA Family Services is running daily child care and emotional support programs to help children and parents process trauma. Danie has been volunteering with the Maui Humane Society to protect Maui’s animals affected by the fires, Andy has been volunteering at World Central Kitchen and various shelters, and Jackie has been providing pro bono sessions for those affected.

Marsha spoke with ABC News Australia about the need for donations to maintain the high level of aid that will be required.

If you’d like to support the recovery efforts in Maui, the below organizations would greatly appreciate donations at this time.

  1. Maui Food Bank: Provide food and safe water for affected people.

  2. IMUA Family ServicesContribute to essential care for families.

  3. Maui Humane SocietySupport animal search and rescue, care, boarding and reunification efforts.