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It’s late in the year, one which has pushed workplace confidence to record lows and challenged our already strained work-life balance. Heading into 2021, your teams need an energy and well-being boost, and you can inspire this kind of positivity along with a happier workforce in just 15 minutes.

We all know we should take breaks throughout the day. You don’t need a study — although there are plenty out there — to know that your mind and body fatigue as the workday progresses. While the solution may seem simple, many of us find it challenging to step away from our work even for just a few minutes, instead filling our minds with questions like, ‘What if my boss thinks I’m not working hard enough?’, ‘How am I going to meet that deadline’, or ‘What will my co-workers think if I’m not responding right away?’

This mindset has only been exacerbated by the global pandemic as we rely more heavily on remote working setups. The average workday has increased 49 minutes from pre-pandemic times, we’re attending 13% more meetings, and we’re answering a higher volume of emails [source: National Bureau of Economic Research].

Studies show that sporadic breaks not only “replenish our energy, improve self-control and decision-making, and fuel productivity,” but can also “heighten our attention and make us more creative” depending on how we spend the time [source: Harvard Business Review].


Taking a Break in the Virtual Workplace

Ironically enough, given that many employees are home, it’s perhaps easier now than ever before for companies to encourage short breaks throughout the workday. Employees have immediate access to things like a bike or training equipment, full kitchens, hobby supplies, and musical instruments — not to mention our own showers should we wish to go for a run or do something athletic.

Companies can encourage breaks by supporting virtual interest groups and promoting goals and ideas to keep these groups active (e.g. virtual walking group, photography group, cooking group, etc.). Alternatively, companies can take a more active role in influencing breaks by implementing programs such as weekly snack or coffee box subscriptions, virtual yoga classes, and musical happy hours.


Breaking Up Virtual Events

When it comes to virtual meetings, events and conferences, breaks are just as important for keeping attendees refreshed and engaged — especially given our shorter attention spans in the virtual space.

We’ve known for decades that music is deeply linked to emotion, memory and relationship development. SongDivision uses this same science to connect and recharge your teams in under 15 minutes during virtual events. These Virtual Energy & Well-Being Breaks use proven techniques to help control the breath, activate our sense of sound, spur musical collaboration and develop greater mindfulness. Sessions can be tailored to your event needs and messaging, providing a musical lift to your programming and ensuring that attendees feel ready to rock & roll for the remainder of your event.

Never has it been more important to encourage breaks throughout the workday. Embrace the virtual landscape and give your teams the recharge they deserve.


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