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You might be wondering why you would consider writing a song for your business. Fair question, and one we encounter often at SongDivision. Put simply, experiencing music through songwriting or performance is scientifically proven to increase happiness and form positive relationships within a group. Using this type of experience when articulating core values is a powerful way to get employees on-board with your purpose and change your company culture.

Songwriting works in the corporate world because it gives employees the opportunity to see things from a different perspective and express themselves creatively – strengthening their association to the company. Too often we get caught up in our day-to-day routines, managing through meetings and focusing on deadlines with little consideration as to why we do these things. We hear our business leaders talk about core values, visions, missions, etc., however we seldom find a deep connection with these ideas. Why is that?

In order to ‘buy-in’, employees need to find personal meaning within a company’s purpose – we need time to internalize concepts and a means to express ourselves through them. This is where songwriting can provide inspiration.

So how do you write the perfect song with your company? In a recent interview for Vulture, Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys reveals the process that has inspired his lyrical success. The following highlight a few of his recommendations:

Write the music first: Select a melody that inspires you and let it guide the lyrics you choose.

Play with a band: Hearing the music live with a band inspires you to commit to lyrics you wouldn’t otherwise come up with.

Get carried away, but not too carried away: Lose yourself in the music and commit to how it makes you feel, no matter what lyrics surface. Just be sure to edit yourself every now and then.

Write placeholder lyrics: When you get stuck, use improvised nonsense words you can come back to later. You never know, sometimes those words can end up making the song.

Give yourself a deadline: There comes a time with every song where changes no longer improve it. While a few edits are expected, set time limits and resist the urge to continually update lyrics.

At SongDivision, we’ve crafted a process to guide corporate groups of ten to ten-thousand through an expressive songwriting experience that generates deeper association with core values and produces more consistent delivery of your brand. No musical experience is required and the value gained is a true return on investment.


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