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ING Direct + SongDivision

Sydney / Melbourne


ING is a global banking leader focused on empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. Fittingly, they developed the “Live a Better Lunch” campaign as a way to encourage people to lead healthier, more productive lifestyles. The premise was simple – make better use of your lunch hour by getting out, trying something new, and having a little fun.
ING’s marketing agency, Ensemble Australia, called on SongDivision to help bring the campaign to life through music. We designed and delivered an Experiential Marketing solution consisting of multiple interactive performances that taught the general public how to write a song with the help of Australian singer-songwriter, Josh Pyke, and hip-hop star, Chance Waters – and all taking place over the traditional lunch hour.
Audiences had a fantastic time interacting with the musicians, trying their hand at something new, and feeling a real sense of accomplishment. It was a welcomed change of pace that successfully promoted ING’s brand while delivering whole-heartedly on their purpose.

Create memorable events using music.