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Bose + SongDivision


Bose, a worldwide leader in audio innovation, sought out SongDivision in need of a creative Experiential Marketing solution to showcase the launch of their brand new F1 Flexible Array Loud Speaker System. Known for innovative technology, Bose was looking for world-class musicians worthy of the exceptional quality of their new sound system, to demonstrate its capabilities to retailers and resellers – not to mention, having the honor of being the first musicians in Australia to play through the magnificent system.

We met the challenge by compiling an extraordinary band of musicians having toured with the likes of INXS, Jimmy Barnes, The Baby Animals, and Aerosmith, to name a few. Bose developed a demo event with 3 one-hour presentations that would highlight the F1’s full range of capabilities using the SongDivision band. Our musicians then designed their performance to showcase specific features of the system, playing select songs to demonstrate certain aspects such as power, drive, and presence.

Audiences marveled at the system’s quality and clarity and greatly enjoyed the live band aspect of the presentation. With their message of high-quality innovation received loud and clear, Bose touted that both the F1 and the SongDivision band were of the highest calibre.

Create memorable events using music.