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Inntel + SongDivision



Inntel, the UK’s largest independent meetings & travel management company, is dedicated to integrity and excellence when it comes to delivering the very best solutions for their clients. So, for their annual conference in London, Inntel sought this same level of quality in a team building and entertainment provider to unite over 120 attendees and celebrate.

SongDivision started off with an energetic Team Anthem session to get attendees communicating and creating an original song together, lyrics and all! Our renowned musicians, who have played with top artists such as Florence & the Machine, guided attendees through the songwriting process and provided a world-class backing sound as attendees participated in the live performance of the song later that night. Following the songwriting session, attendees took part in some friendly competition with SongDivision’s Rock & Roll Game Show, packed with musical trivia questions and fun challenges. Every round was met with laughter and excitement as guests cheered their teams on!

The SongDivision band then performed a high-energy set of hit songs as guests danced late into the evening. The smiles on attendees’ faces and overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests made for a wonderful evening and a highly successful event for Inntel.


“A brilliant event! Thank you so much for the excellent entertainment last Friday, there has been a real buzz around Inntel this week!” Inntel

Celebrate your teams and amplify your corporate entertainment!