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MPI Netherlands + SongDivision / engaging meetings



When MPI Netherlands needed a powerful workshop to develop communication and unite 80 event planners and suppliers, they sought out SongDivision for a truly unique team building experience using the science of music.

In partnership with engaging meetings, SongDivision delivered an experience entitled ‘Get Along with a Song’, a custom version of our Culture Club program merging DiSC behavioral theory with immersive songwriting. Set in the majestic Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, one of the worlds top venues for acoustics, attendees gathered to understand the key values needed to be effective communicators. SongDivision’s own Sam McNeill then reinforced these values with an interactive and engaging songwriting session.

Through development of a common language, participants become more effective collaborators by learning how their own behaviors translate in a group setting. And, with proven scientific ties to memory and relationship development, the use of music as a communication medium further instilled the message while making for a truly enjoyable experience.

Learn more about ‘Get Along with a Song’.

Interested in this truly unique experience delivered in collaboration with engaging meetings?