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EO + SongDivision



Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is an exclusive global network built on connecting leading entrepreneurs and providing them with opportunities to learn and grow. EO Ohana is the organization’s global event to bring together EO members and their partners and children to strengthen relationships, as well as learn from innovative business leaders. With over 100 attendees from California, Japan, and Hawaii, EO wanted to provide a memorable final evening that would equally celebrate those in attendance as it would sum-up key themes from the previous two days.

SongDivision delivered its Rockin’ Reception program, an all-in-one interactive music experience featuring a custom song inspired by and written exclusively for attendees. Performance of the song was followed by a full evening of live music from our world-class band who have worked with artists such as Nirvana and Soundgarden, and all facilitated by our charismatic musical MC, John Lombardo. The final evening was an opportunity for everyone to celebrate together – EO members, partners and kids.

‘Ohana’ in Hawaiian means ‘family’, and SongDivision was able to build on this theme while engaging everyone in attendance through the creation of a song. There were no cell phones in sight. Instead, attendees reveled in the moment to simply celebrate together. And, with the highlights of their amazing conference captured in the song, EO members and guests took home a souvenir of their trip which they will cherish forever.


“SongDivision helped create an award winning event for entrepreneurs – what an incredible evening, thank you!” EO Member

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