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Calling all musicians and music enthusiasts! Looking for your moment to shine in the meetings and events industry, as well as unleash your inner rock star? The Events Industry Council, in partnership with SongDivision — the industry leader in uniting teams using music — is inviting students to create their very own cover version of the GMID Anthem, a song that has represented the energy and purpose of GMID since 2017. Songs will be evaluated based on originality and performance, and the winner will have their version included in the official GMID Toolkit, exposing their talent to thousands of industry leaders worldwide!

If you’re seeking a creative way to break into the meetings and events industry, this is your chance to stand out from the crowd and step into the limelight, and in front of leading organizations who are looking for creative individuals just like you to carry them into the next decade and beyond!

Choose a musical style you love. Pop, rock, folk, EDM, a cappella—it’s completely up to you. Go solo or form a band—your choice, too! Not a musician? Not a problem. Just grab your closest musician friends to help you out. After all, the GMID anthem is all about bringing people together using music—the more the merrier!

Once you have your recording, please email an .mp3 version to SongDivision. Submissions are due by 20 March 2020.

Check out the GMID anthem songsheet and the original anthem for reference.

“As a professor, I see the enthusiasm that students have for our industry,” said Tyra Warner, Esq, PhD, CMP, speaker, attorney and professor. “This opportunity to create a cover version of the GMID anthem helps us all to remember that what we do matters.”

“I’m inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with our next generation of events industry professionals in sharing the message of the importance of face-to-face meetings,” said Amy Calvert, CEO and President of Events Industry Council. “The GMID anthem, created by SongDivision, is a celebration of our industry, and I’m excited to hear the covers created by our student community.”

There’s some amazing musical talent in our student body. We’re looking to reveal that creativity and show industry leaders worldwide what you’ve got. Take your shot at being a star and join us as we celebrate GMID 2020!

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