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Leading interactive music provider, SongDivision, releases Remote Team Anthem service to address the growing demand for virtual team building solutions.


Not long ago, we looked forward to what 2020 might bring, optimistically designing our business strategies and preparing our teams for the year ahead. In just a few short months, many of those strategies have been turned on their ear as COVID-19 has postponed, if not entirely grounded, major events across the globe. With companies in need of meaningful meeting solutions, and virtual meetings on the rise, SongDivision — a global provider of collaborative musical experiences for the Meetings & Events Industry — has launched a virtual version of its award-winning team songwriting experience to help unite teams anywhere in the world using music.

Remote Team Anthem is one of several programs SongDivision is launching to unite teams creatively in the face of COVID-19. The 90-minute program takes up to 20 guests on a collaborative journey, empowering them to express key messaging, such as team goals and core values, through an original song that they create. The entire session is hosted on a secure online platform and is led by SongDivision’s world-class musicians who have worked with international stars like Prince, Cher, Drake, Katy Perry and more! As with all SongDivision programs, no musical experience is required.

“We have been working on releasing Remote Team Anthem for some time now. Companies have shown a growing demand for additional team touchpoints to complement their annual meetings and conferences. Clearly demand for virtual team building solutions has risen of late, and we’re pleased to give companies a creative and meaningful solution using music.” – Andy Sharpe, CEO, SongDivision

Interactive musical experiences are at the heart of SongDivision’s team building solutions. The company designs all of its services to align with scientifically proven benefits of music. As Sharpe explains,

“It’s a meaningful team building experience disguised as a virtual rock concert. For participants it’s fun, collaborative and exciting, while at its core, the session is built upon music’s proven ability to strengthen relationships, stimulate memory, and heighten emotional connection through raised oxytocin levels.”

In addition to Remote Team Anthem, SongDivision offers several music-driven services to help businesses continue to develop a strong corporate culture despite COVID-19 and other barriers to physical meetings. Custom Songs enable companies to communicate key messaging as well as celebrate teams with original songs specially written and professionally recorded. SongDivision’s Culture Club is an on-site version of its signature songwriting experience, which can be brought to your teams anywhere in the world.

“With our own team members across four continents, we’ve learned a thing or two about staying connected,” says Sharpe. “You don’t have the benefit of daily interactions like popping over to a coworker’s desk, grabbing coffee together, or taking a team lunch. A regular monthly meeting is one thing, but when you need an energy boost for your team that fuels collaboration and creativity, remote songwriting sessions deliver in ways you can’t get from a conference call or even a traditional video conference.”

While other providers work out how to innovate the virtual space, SongDivision is ready to silence COVID-19 now, with proven virtual solutions to creatively engage participants and unite teams. So, even if your people can’t be together, they can still reap all the benefits that team building brings through this highly energetic musical session.


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