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Global leader in sustainable goods transportation, CHEP was looking to inspire its people at the company’s Executive Leadership Retreat held in Puerto Rico. The goal was to bond through shared experiences, but also stay true to the company’s values around sustainability.

MC Benji Harris led a ‘Team Anthem‘ songwriting session in a stripped-back acoustic style. It was an innovative solution with minimal equipment for a low carbon footprint.

The songwriting process delivered 100% engagement and demonstrated practical ways of collaborating. The result was a unique anthem that highlighted the company’s values and brought the team closer together.

A standout moment was when Benji helped a group finish writing the chorus and performed it back to them on the guitar to show how it would sound. The group erupted in applause and CHEP President of North America, Laura Nador commented, “I can’t believe we just did that together! This is amazing!”

Unite your people with your own Team Anthem!