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American Express + SongDivision


American Express Global Business Travel approached SongDivision prior to the global conference for their Meetings & Events division. With over 800 team members coming together for the first time from 20 different countries, a key focus of the executive team was to impress upon everyone the company’s core values, and to do so in an engaging way that did not involve flipping through PowerPoint slides. SongDivision was asked to bring these values to life with a shared experience that embodied the culture of American Express through collaboration, creativity, and communication.

We developed a comprehensive solution to establish a unified theme via our interactive Team Anthem, and then carry that theme through to the Gala Awards Dinner where our SongDivision band would continue to fuel the celebration. Our very own Angus Clark (Trans Siberian Orchestra) kicked off the general session with an inspiring musical keynote presentation that saw 800 people collectively write and perform a completely original song about American Express’ core values. Pulling talent from around the room, the music and lyrics came together in no time at all, and our world-class SongDivision band, members of which have played with The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Guns N’ Roses, expertly elaborated on the theme to create the finished piece. To cap off the general session, the entire room collectively performed their brand new tune backed energetically by the band.

Later that evening at the Gala Awards Dinner, SongDivision provided entertainment as the House Band for the awards ceremony, playing award winners on and off the stage before getting everyone onto the dance floor for a huge celebration that rightly capped off a fabulous 4-day conference. The American Express team was extremely pleased with the result as well as the ability to get everyone thinking creatively about the company’s core values. Despite coming from all corners of the globe, the American Express team was able to experience being one team with one voice, creating connections and embodying values that will produce results for years to follow.

Create memorable events using music.