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Global Shipping Provider + SongDivision


A global shipping and logistics provider was planning a 3-day conference for 1,200 team members at the Music City Center in Nashville and was in need of a ‘wow’ factor that would engage attendees and create a deep connection to the brand’s purpose and values. SongDivision was up to the challenge and proposed our interactive Keynote presentation as a means to kickoff the event on a high note and use music to unify the group.

Our own Angus Clark (Trans Siberian Orchestra, Kitaro), opened the conference with a Keynote to remember. Through engaging storytelling including recounts of his own professional music experiences, Angus introduced the ability of collaborative songwriting to strengthen bonds between franchisees and create alignment with the brand’s core values and objectives. Storytelling then gave way to creative execution as Angus led the group in the development of a melody and meaningful lyrics that would highlight the central message of the conference, ‘Building Our Future.’ The original song took shape in a iterative manner, whereby segments of the general session were devoted each day to working together to polish the music and lyrics, and hone the meaning. In this way, attendees were provided numerous opportunities to collaborate, further strengthening bonds among the group while establishing a resounding theme throughout the 3-day event.

Each day, attendees were treated to a live performance of their song in its various stages of completion. During the closing general session, Angus was joined on stage by a group of renonwed Nashville musicians, including an 8-piece choir ensemble and dozens of audience members, for a final performance that would ‘take ’em to church’ and send attendees off on a high note, singing ‘We’re building our future, NOW!”

From the opening Keynote to the closing performance, attendees were able to come together each day to think creatively about brand values and collectively write a memorable theme that will serve as a continual reminder of what the brand can accomplish when franchisees are united around the same purpose.

Create memorable events using music.