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From The Bee Gees to The Carpenters, AC/DC to Van Halen, some of the greatest bands in history proved that when family is involved, everyone’s a winner. But as much as we love these bands, we’re not here to talk about their music – not today at least. Rather, we are focused on helping you throw the best corporate family day ever, using music.

The purpose of corporate family days are simple – unite your people through celebration. Your teams work hard for you. These are the moments to show your appreciation and demonstrate the value you place on a healthy work-life balance. Traditionally, employees and their families were invited to these highly coveted events, but more and more, companies are expanding their families to include clients, vendors, and suppliers – the idea being that when everyone is united around the same experience, strong bonds are formed that lead to better workplace relationships and efficiencies.

When it comes to selecting the right activities to unite your corporate family and ensure everyone has the time of their lives, SongDivision has an array of music-fueled team building and entertainment programming to suit. Experiencing live music with others is scientifically linked to the development of stronger relationships, happiness, and positive memories, making the following activities ideal for your next corporate family day or any large-format corporate event. Best of all, no musical experience is required for any of our programming.


InstaHits – Entertain audiences and create lasting memories as our world-class musicians transform information collected from your guests into hit songs in under three minutes. Our musicians perform each song live, which your guests are free to record and share, or just keep for their own enjoyment. Learn more about InstaHits.


House Band / Party Band – Need a custom soundtrack to play your family day presenters on and off-stage? Or maybe you’re looking for a top-notch band to play hits from the past four decades throughout your event. How about both? Our House and Cover Bands are made up of musicians who have played with the world’s top rock and pop stars and they’ll be your live jukebox for the day — we’ll even throw in some AC/DC tunes if you like. Learn more about our House and Party Bands.


Rock & Roll Game Show – If trivia’s your game, Rock & Roll Game Show is a sure winner. Complete with our charismatic MC and live band interaction, this game show is a music trivia thrill ride that will get everyone on their feet. Learn more about Rock & Roll Game Show.


Live Band Lip Sync Battle or Karaoke – Every company has a few closet rockstars. Our Lip Sync Battle and Karaoke experiences will draw them out of the woodwork and onto the stage with a live backing band to show off their talents and excite the crowd. Learn more about live band Lip Sync Battle and Karaoke.


Team Anthem – If you’re looking to unify all corners of your corporate family, look no further than the Team Anthem. This unparalleled experience captures the collective voice of your guests in a collaborative songwriting session before bringing everyone together to perform their newly-penned song backed by our world-class band. Learn more about Team Anthems.


Rockin’ Reception – Can’t decide? Our Rockin’ Reception combines several of the above experiences into one amazing, interactive event that will keep guests entertained all evening long. While your guests enjoy themselves, our musicians write and perform a custom song to commemorate the event. The band and MC then become your House or Cover Band, or both, for the evening based on your unique program needs. Not only is it highly entertaining, Rockin’ Reception reduces your costs and logistical load by taking care of all of your entertainment needs. Learn more about Rockin’ Reception.


Celebrate your corporate family day with music.
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