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Medtronic + SongDivision


Global medical equipment giant, Medtronic, believes strongly in contributing to human welfare through the solutions they engineer. Delivering on this mission requires that employees truly connect with the important role they play in people’s lives. Medtronic called upon SongDivision to inspire this connection and energise their meetings worldwide, from Sydney to Switzerland, highlighting key messaging, and providing a ‘soundtrack’ for a follow-up video that would resonate key themes long after the event.

Our plan for the Singapore conference came to life with an hour-long Team Anthem session in which our world-class musicians collaborated with the 400 attending the general session to create an original song focused on Medtronic’s core values. That evening, we reinstated the theme by kicking-off Medtronic’s Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony with a live performance of the song complete with sing-along from the entire group. Our musicians then served as the House Band throughout the evening’s festivities, creating a ‘Grammy Awards’ feel to the celebration, playing award winners on and off the stage, and capping off the night by packing the dance floor with popular hits from the 1960’s and today’s Top 40.

Everyone in attendance was extremely pleased with the event and the ability of SongDivision to help ‘humanize’ their core values by translating them into a meaningful format. The SongDivision team tied together the conference’s key themes from general session to evening’s end producing real ROI by serving as Conference Opener and Corporate Entertainment. The event was an incredible success that engaged audiences and inspired the Medtronic team.

Create memorable events using music.