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For 9 years and counting, IMEX and SongDivision have been uniting the meetings & events industry using music. At this year’s IMEX America, music made its way into every facet of the show from education sessions, to booth activations, to celebrations, demonstrating once again how powerfully it can bring people together.

When it comes to large tradeshows, music has traditionally been used for entertainment purposes and to provide atmosphere. IMEX, however, like SongDivision, believes it can be used for so much more.

‘Each year we work with the team at IMEX to program music into the show in new and inventive ways in order to demonstrate music’s versatility at conveying core messaging and generating attention.’ — Andy Sharpe, CEO, SongDivision

Even before the show floor opened, music was already hard at work. This year’s Smart Monday kicked off with an Innovation Keynote in which attendees were provided with a fresh perspective on the use of communication, creativity, and collaboration to inspire innovative thinking among their teams. Instead of a traditional PowerPoint presentation, however, attendees collaborated with SongDivision musicians to bring these themes to life by writing and performing an original song together.

Music then filled the show floor each day — in the main reception hall, Hosted Buyers Lounge, and in the dining area — and it came from more than just SongDivision. The Tourism Ireland booth used live Irish folk music to convey the country’s heritage and tell a more compelling story. Hard Rock lived up to their name with several energetic electric guitar sessions to attract passers-by.

This year, music-infused booth activations were in full swing, and SongDivision was front and center to assist our partners around the show with custom InstaHits — songs written in 3 minutes or less to convey each booth’s key messaging. Throughout IMEX our musicians were busy writing and performing music to support brands like Switzerland Tourism, VOQIN, and Hard Rock in expressing their key messages and entertaining attendees.

So why is music so effective? It comes down to science. Countless research studies have shown that music affects us at an emotional level, heightening our feelings of happiness and drawing us closer to those with whom we are experiencing it. As Sharpe explains it,

‘Music works at IMEX and in the corporate setting because it provides a universal language that engages us at a deeper level, working as a natural ice-breaker and drawing us in to focus on the message being shared.’

Attendees are given a unique opportunity to be present in a shared, creative experience, which few other mediums can provide. What role will music play at next year’s IMEX? You’ll have to attend to find out, but with its ability to engage and inspire attendees, music will most certainly have a strong presence.

Communicate your core messaging with music-fueled experiences from SongDivision.
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