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PwC Academy Signature Experience Program – The Outside + Customised SongDivision Experiences

In-person Event

When you want to impress, inspire and bond 2,700 Senior Associates and Managers who’ve spent years in lockdown and need to reconnect; who do you call? SongDivision, of course!

PwC Australia hosted its inaugural Academy Signature Experience Program event ‘The Outside’ in 2022. The event was designed to deliver an immersive, highly experiential learning experience to give attendees insights and skills required to become the next generation of leaders.

The ‘Corporate Coachella’ event took place over five weeks with multiple groups split across a four-day program. Each day was a new experience filled with inspiring sessions, motivational talks and group activities providing a highly positive and memorable experience for all. SongDivision were tasked to create unforgettable moments through music and entertainment across three of the four days for each group.

PwC people became ‘The Explorers’ during The Outside event and were held captivated and immersed in over 35 SongDivision activations including a morning rave, sonic acupuncture, Rock & Roll Game Show, evening extravaganza, LED dance show and custom playlists keeping the energy high throughout. Every session encouraged interactivity and supported the attitude of being ‘forever curious’ by engaging in new experiences.

A large SongDivision team were involved in the success of this event including acclaimed Aussie popstar Brihony Dawson, Matty Charles, Karina Chavez, and Natalie Conway; there were also 25 musical specialists including acoustic musicians, percussionists, saxophonists, full band, sound system band and a sonic acupuncturist.

The Outside was the beginning of a new corporate movement – investing in people’s growth so that the personal becomes professional and vice versa. It delivered learning and development education in a completely new way that has set a new tone for PwC’s culture.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with attendees taking to social to share their experiences.


“It has been a privilege working with the SongDivision team. Everyone has not been only excellent at what they do, but an absolute pleasure to work with.

What an incredible job of curating the musical side of the event. They created a space of true inclusivity where everyone felt seen and as if they were part of something bigger. They are not only talented but were a big part of what made The Outside so successful.

And Brihony Dawson – not someone you can explain; someone you have to experience.”

Sumathi Murthy, Content Lead PwC



“This was one of the most exciting and humbling events. It was a complete pleasure to be working with the team behind ‘The Outside’ where our expertise and value was fully recognised and nurtured. It was amazing to be a part of something so unique.”

Monica Dolso, General Manager Australia + Senior Producer, SongDivision

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