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June 30th is fast approaching, are you hitting your employee engagement goals?

Whether you operate on a fiscal or calendar year, the end of the quarter represents a time to reflect, perform a status check and make any needed adjustments for the months ahead. Today’s most profitable companies understand that employee perception plays a big role when it comes to revenue, and they view employee engagement goals on an even plane with traditional performance metrics.

The late Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, famously said, “[Companies] can buy all the physical things. The things you can’t buy are dedication, devotion, loyalty — the feeling that you are participating in a crusade.” If you’re not reinforcing your purpose internally at every opportunity, you’re risking inconsistent delivery of your brand, and worse, losing valuable people along the way.

These days, your brand can’t hide. Employees have visibility to the same information customers do, from social media, to advertisements, to experiences — that is, they have a front-row seat to the look, feel, tone-of-voice, and style of your brand. If your internal communications and experiences don’t match up, employees feel it. This weighs heavily on their perceptions of the company, their understanding of how best to represent the brand, and their desire to remain onboard.

Be Indirect

Not every communication has to be direct. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to host a session or send a company-wide email dedicated to core values and purpose. Indirect communications that align with your purpose are equally, if not more impactful as they reinforce the brand in a natural way. Examples include: Clif Bar providing employees 2.5 hours a week to get out of the office to hike or bike; and Southwest Airlines paying employees to stay at its international destinations overnight thereby becoming more knowledgeable about the places they fly. Indirect reinforcement provides employees with opportunities to experience the brand in real time and form strong associations.

Identify Touchpoints

The first step to employee engagement is identifying your touchpoints. What are the key opportunities you have available to express your purpose to employees, e.g. your managers, company communications, meetings, and company events? You can then determine how to uniquely express your messaging through each touchpoint.

Incorporate Music

Music is one of the oldest forms of communication and one of the most impactful ways to express your purpose. It is subtle and can be tailored to evoke particular emotions while communicating key messaging. It has proven ties to heightened happiness, memory, and relationship development. And, it is easy to incorporate into just about any touchpoint you can imagine.

Here are just a few ideas of how music can quickly and easily help you hit your employee engagement goals before quarter’s end.

Team Building Using Music
SongDivision’s Team Building services provide music-driven, interactive experiences to foster deep connections among employees and with your company. Sessions vary from 15 minutes to muti-day to fit any and all of your upcoming event needs.

Let employees express your purpose in their own words with the Song Slam — a friendly ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition where your teams write and perform songs with the help of top session musicians. Or, tune up for future gatherings with Culture Club — a customized program designed to help employees express your purpose through music over several sessions.

Music-Fueled Corporate Entertainment
SongDivision’s Corporate Entertainment services can be seamlessly integrated into your upcoming company gatherings and family days.

Delight attendees with InstaHits — custom songs written on-the-spot for your guests in under 3 minutes. Or, book a full evening of purpose-inspired entertainment with a Rockin’ Reception — our world-class band and MC entertain your guests with a custom Anthem written in real time to express your purpose. Festivities continue with our Rock & Roll Game Show, before wrapping the evening with a full dance floor rockin’ to live hits from the past four decades.

Employee engagement is an integral component to delivering an exceptional brand experience, and it requires constant nurturing. To quote Kelleher again, “Your people come first, and if you treat them right, they’ll treat the customers right.” This simple truth is why highly profitable companies place so much value in employee engagement, and why you should also focus on hitting these targets beginning this quarter.


Hit your employee engagement goals using music.
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