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When it comes to event programming, quality-over-quantity is the key to generating meaningful audience engagement. While certain formats call for longer-form sessions, sometimes you’re just looking for a quick-hit program that energizes your audiences and delivers a solid ROI. Here are four ways to inject meaningful music experiences into your event that engage audiences and enhance your messaging without eating up the clock.

Workshops: When you want to do a deep dive into a particular topic during a workshop or breakout session, we have a musical experience to suit your needs. Our interactive workshops get your teams actively thinking about innovation, leadership, and transformation. Led by our world-class musicians, these intimate sessions allow for thorough development of lyrics and music and produce truly meaningful songs that live on long after the event. Run time can be as little as 30 minutes.

Team Anthem: If you’re looking to open or close your event with an impactful experience that unites your teams around the company’s core values, look no further. Our Team Anthem guides your audiences to think creatively about the company’s purpose and collectively write an original song to express their understanding. The experience is facilitated by world-renowned artists such as Angus Clark (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages) and, similar to our workshops, can be focused on topics like innovation, leadership, and transformation. These highly entertaining sessions can be run in as little as 15 minutes.

InstaHits: Need to engage audiences at your event in even less time? If you’ve got 3 minutes, we’ve got InstaHits. These entertaining songs are professionally written in 3 minutes or less using only a few pieces of information collected from your audience. Our world-class musicians add depth to your breaks and lunch programming with music that entertains while continuing to communicate key messaging.

Playlists: Ok, ok. So you’ve determined you have absolutely no time for experiential music sessions at your event, but you still want to engage audiences using music. Many professionals overlook the impact that a carefully curated playlist can have on audience engagement. In the same way music is used to enhance movies and make us feel more deeply, the right songs at the right moments can make your events more meaningful. We work with you to understand your needs, messaging, and timing before crafting the perfect song list to set off your event. Total event time used – zero, zip, nada. Don’t forget, you still need to acquire the proper music licenses even if you’re only using playlists at an event. We can help with that too.

No matter the format of your event, audience size, or time available, SongDivision has interactive music experiences to engage audiences and produce real ROI.


Generate meaningful audience interaction at your next event, using music.
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