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Happy New Year to everyone out there in SongDivision land, we made it! So what now? While our day-to-day remains much the same as it has been — distanced gatherings, virtual meetings, pants-optional work attire — the new year brings with it hope and renewed energy, and it’s the optimal time to rally your teams and get them pumped for a successful year.

Sure, 2020 had less going for it than a dinghy in a gale. Heck, even picking a definitive album of the year proved to be more challenging than we imagined — we’re stuck deciding between Taylor Swift, The Killers, and Fiona Apple. However 2021 is going to be different. We all know it, we all feel it, and now it’s time to make it happen.

A successful 2021 starts with an unforgettable kickoff event to boost morale and build excitement for the path ahead. Getting it right is everything, so when you’re planning your virtual kickoff, here are SongDivision’s tips to maintain engagement and ensure lasting results:


Manage the Clock

Like a concert with one too many encores, virtual meetings can quickly feel like they are dragging on. Research from experts like Harvard Business Review and John Medina shows that attention spans in the virtual space start to dwindle in a mere 10 minutes.

Solution: Keep your segments brief and laser-focused, and remember to build in regular breaks. SongDivision’s music-based programming can be tailored to perfectly fit your timing and messaging needs.


Take Breaks with Purpose

Taking a meeting break in the virtual space doesn’t mean having to stare blankly at a gallery view of empty home-office chairs, or watching attendees’ determined faces as they catch up on emails, or listening to that awkward conversation between three attendees who probably should have booked a breakout room. Breaks can be purposeful, enlightening, and even fun.

Solution: Use breaks to build on your kickoff messaging with activities that get your people working together, creating together, and doing together. In need of some inspiration? SongDivision offers interactive 10-minute Energy & Well-Being Breaks using music to improve focus and productivity.


Engage Through Entertainment

In a screen-centric society, it’s natural to expect that virtual meetings are susceptible to the same demands we place on all of our screen-based content — that is, they should be delivered in bite-sized chunks with ample variety and plenty of entertainment value.

Solution: Incorporate short entertainment sections into your virtual kickoffs to keep attendees engaged throughout. SongDivision’s award-winning virtual programs have been featured in Forbes, and offer a variety of interactive, music-fueled solutions to add excitement to any virtual event. Unite your crew with a Remote Team Anthem; Capture key messaging and event highlights with a professionally written Summary Song; Entertain attendees with our Virtual Awards & Musical MCs; Rock your online audiences with a Broadcast Band.


2021 is set to be a big year for meetings and events. From virtual, to hybrid, to the return of live events, let’s get ready to make some noise together!


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